10 Easy Spoken English Tips to Incorporate into Your Daily Life

Proper pronunciation is essential to being truly understood when speaking a foreign language. The proper pronunciation of English words is vital to avoiding offense, misunderstanding, and frustration while communicating.

If English pronunciation is a struggle for you, never fear!

Read this article to learn more about spoken english tips!
Read this article to learn more about spoken english tips!

Here are 10 easy spoken English tips to help you pronounce English words in true colloquial fashion.

1. Watch English Television

Whether you’re learning British English or American, watching popular television programs in that language is sure to help with your pronunciation.

T.V. shows tend to incorporate plenty of pop culture references, slang, and other everyday phrases that will make sounding like a native much easier to achieve.

2. Think in English

Too often people trying to learn English revert back to their native tongue while at home, conversing with family members, or most especially, in their own thoughts.


One of the best ways to improve English pronunciation is to practice thinking in English. Don’t let ease and laziness prevent you from sticking to your English “guns” (to coin an English phrase).

3. Practice Makes Perfect

This well known English phrase is common for a reason.

As mentioned in our #2 tip, try speaking English at home more. Use it every chance you get. Order your meals in English, select English internet options, strike up a conversation with an English speaker on the bus.

4. Listen to English Speakers

Turn on the radio, listen to people converse in public, rent a book on tape. It may be helpful to ask yourself a few things while listening like:

When do they have an upward inflection in their words? How do their vowels and consonants sound when they say them?

5. Slow Down

Don’t mistake speed for ability. When you’re trying to speak a new language and pronounce things right, it’s better to speak slowly.

Native English speakers won’t fault you for this. They will be better able to understand you.

6. Make a List

Try to identify the words or phrases that you most struggle pronouncing correctly or that seem to confuse people most when you say them.

Use this list to practice those words and focus your attention on learning them better.

7. Get a Hobby

Another great way to learn English pronunciation is to take up a fun English hobby. This will familiarize you with common phrases and how English speakers talk in everyday settings.

8. Describe Things

If you’re speaking and suddenly freeze on a word because you can’t think how to pronounce it properly, describe it instead.

You can still get your point across by saying “I like this nutty dessert,” even if what you really wanted to say was, “macadamia nut cookie.”

9. Talk to Yourself

Talking to yourself in English helps you practice without the pressure of having to communicate with another person. Struggle all you want, you’re not judging…

10. Have Confidence

When you don’t hesitate to speak or annunciate, it’s easier to understand what you are saying. It’s as simple as that.

More Spoken English Tips

Learning a new language is an accomplishment in and of itself. You deserve a pat on the back for getting this far.

Now, learn to perfect your English speaking skills with these spoken English tips. Learn how Pronunciation Pro can help you get there. Happy speaking!


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