3 Helpful Tips For Feeling Confident in the Way You Speak

Feeling confident in the way you speak will help you connect with English speakers and enjoy the language even more!
Feeling confident in the way you speak will help you connect with English speakers and enjoy the language even more!

By 2020 over 2 billion people will be speaking or learning English.

Speaking and learning English is becoming increasingly vital in order to have a successful career in a growing global economy. One-fourth of the global population speaks English, making it the most common language in the world. Surprisingly, English is spoken by more non-native English speakers than native speakers which allows people from a variety of countries to connect like never before.

Learning a non-native language is challenging for anyone. People learning a new language struggle to feel confident about their newfound skills. It can be difficult when miscommunications occur, but all new language learners share this common experience. 

Increasing your confidence can help you to continue learning and growing as you speak English. 

So, how can you increase your confidence and connect more with native English speakers?

Read on to discover how feeling confident in the way you speak can be achieved. 

Feeling Confident in the Way You Speak

Confidence in speaking English doesn’t require you to say everything perfectly. With the right tools and attitude, you can grow your confidence when speaking with native English speakers. Read on to discover tools for increasing your English speaking confidence. 

1. Practice

The more you practice speaking out loud, the more confident you will feel. If you are too afraid to speak with a native speaker to practice, then practice by reading an English book out loud. When reading this book, practice projecting your voice with confidence and notice your body language as you read. 

Body language can also impact our confidence. Powerful body language sends signals to our brain which alleviate fear and distress and increase our confidence. When you position your body in a confident manner, it can help you to speak more confidently and connect with others. 

 2. Positive Attitude

Speaking and communicating with others isn’t just about the words you speak, but also how you present yourself and your attitude. A positive attitude is vital when communicating with others. Having a positive attitude helps others to feel at ease in your presence. 

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Be open to asking others if you said a word correctly. Smile and believe that other people want to hear what you have to say!

3. Review 

Review the English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation techniques you already know. Be open to learning new words and listening to native English speakers speak. 

The more you know and understand the language, the less you will worry about making mistakes. Embrace your accent and focus on getting clear about the structure of the English language and how words are pronounced.

Feel proud of yourself for learning so much!

Feeling Confident in the Way You Speak and Learning More

Feeling confident in the way you speak will help you to connect with English speakers and to enjoy learning English more. By learning English, you are giving yourself and your career a huge boost. You are making it more possible to receive increased opportunities and more connection with others. 

Don’t give up and never feel embarrassed to ask for help! Remember, even native speakers ask for help and continue to learn more about the English language. 

Check out our blog post to learn more about how to speak English fluently with confidence! If you’d like more support in learning the English language and speaking fluently, then contact us today!


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