3 Essential Tips to help with your Accent Reduction Training

Pronunciation Pro is here for all your accent reduction training needs! Here are three tips to help you get started!
Pronunciation Pro is here for all your accent reduction training needs! Here are three tips to help you get started!

Communication barriers are a frustrating reality when you are a non-native English-speaker.

It is discouraging if your accent makes it hard to find employment. And it’s tough to lose a promotion if your talents aren’t seen because of language difficulties.

Mastering the English language isn’t easy. But here are three essential accent reduction training tips to get past common language barriers in the workplace.

1. Speak Aloud & Imitate

It might be uncomfortable, but speaking aloud is the best way to practice a language.

Listen to American movies or television shows. Imitate what you hear and speak it out loud.

Take it a step further and find a good practice partner. Choose a friend who is a native English speaker and repeat phrases with them.

Let them provide feedback and coach your pronunciation of words to help you sound like English is your first language.

2. Record Yourself

This might feel more awkward than speaking out loud to practice. But you never know how you sound until you record yourself and play it back.

Use your cell phone or a recorder and speak the phrases or words you find most challenging. Listen closely as you play it back. Compare your speech to a training audio of the word or phrase.

Continue recording and replaying until you pronounce the word with little to no accent.

3. Master Key Sounds and Phrases

The American form of English has several key sounds unique to the language when compared to British or Australian English. Take note of specific sounds and phrases when practicing accent modification.


Some of the most common letter and letter-combo sounds in American English are: “r,” “th,” “v,” “w,” and the letter “o.”

Note that “o” has more than one pronunciation. Be sure to practice all of the variations.

Focus on isolating these smaller sounds in your speech. Master your pronunciation of each sound.

This video will help you in your effort to work on individual vowels in American English. You’ll find your speech becomes less accented over time as you combine the correct sounds into words.


Nothing makes you stand out as a non-native speaker more than using a phrase in the wrong way or saying something that doesn’t apply to the American way of speaking.

To be fair, American English includes phrases that make sense to Americans but confuse others. Some phrases, if taken literally or as unintended, have other disastrous meanings.

Research and practice essential American expressions to help you fit in well with native speakers.

Accent Reduction Training Improves Communication

While accent reduction training helps you communicate more clearly, your accent is uniquely you.

Accent modification is not intended to erase your culture or alter your personality. It is a tool to help you on your career path. With accent modification training, your accent will no longer be a barrier to reaching your goals.

We understand the challenges you face when struggling to speak confidently and clearly in a non-native environment. Let us help!

We offer a range of services, including a low-cost monthly training. We guarantee your improvement as you work through our training modules!


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