6 Top Earning Jobs for Bilinguals

Having the ability to speak multiple languages can make it easier to find jobs for bilinguals.
Having the ability to speak multiple languages can make it easier to find jobs for bilinguals.

Can you speak more than one language? If so, your professional future looks bright.

In the modern area of globalization, those who are bilingual have a competitive edge. After all, being able to speak two or more languages is highly sought after in the job market, so you’ll find no shortage of jobs.

Here is a rundown of a few of the top-earning jobs for bilingual career seekers.

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Jobs for Bilinguals #1. Teacher

Immigrants are constantly flowing into the United States, and with that, an increasing number of schools are providing foreign language education to younger students. So, naturally, if you’re a bilingual teacher in America, you’ll be a major step ahead of your fellow job applicants.

The median salary of a kindergarten/ elementary school teacher in 2017 was $56,900 per year.

#2. Flight Attendant

This may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think about bilingual candidates. However, flight attendants increasingly have to communicate with speakers of various languages, whether they are on international or domestic flights.

If flight attendants can speak with diverse passengers, this ultimately increases the understanding and safety of everybody aboard.

Flight attendants’ median salary in 2017 was $50,500.

#3. Investment Banker

These individuals are essentially money salesmen. Companies hire them to locate prospective investors who would like to purchase stock and fund businesses.

Investment bankers who can communicate with international clients immediately improve their chances of enjoying long, successful careers.

Investment bankers’ median salary in 2017 was $63,780.

#4. Marketing Director

Being a marketing director is an especially smart move for those who can speak more than one language.

As a marketing director, your primary job is to ensure that products are being sold. The buying power of minority groups is on the rise, so as a marketing director, you’ll be an even greater asset to a business if you can understand and communicate with buyers who don’t speak English in particular.

The median salary of a marketing director in 2017 was $129,380.

#5. Risk Manager

Risk managers identify company weaknesses that might bring physical or monetary risk. These professionals play a critical role in gathering input from workers when assessing possible dangers.

The median salary of a risk manager in 2017 was $84,394.

#6. Nurses

When people need medical care, they may understandably feel anxious and stressed out, especially if they don’t speak the language of their medical care providers.

As a multilingual nurse, you can put them at ease as you treat them, and you can also easily follow up with them as needed.

Nurses’ median salary in 2017 was $70,000.

How We Can Help

In order to make sure your multilingual skills are an advantage and not a disadvantage to you in the work place you might also need to consider accent training. Correct pronunciation and fluency in English will allow you to be as clear as possible in your English communication as well as your mother tongue.

We offer a 12-module program designed to help those who speak English with foreign accents.

We focus on topics such as English sounds (for example, consonants and vowels) and English rhythm (for example, sentence stress and intonation). Our goal is to help to eliminate any communication barrier stemming from your foreign accent in English.

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