About Us

About Us

Welcome to Pronunciation Pro, a 12-module English pronunciation and accent reduction course tailored to your schedule and needs to enhance your confidence while speaking English.

Our accent reduction program gives you step-by-step training and feedback to transform your accent by 50 to 85% over the 12 module course.

The PronunciationPro.com accent reduction techniques and exercises combine video instruction, mp3 recordings, and worksheets with regular feedback from our licensed and certified American Accent Trainers. Our program is extremely effective, convenient, and affordable—just ask any of our former online Pronunciation Pro students.

Our Story: Bringing Quality, Affordable Training to Everyone

Annie Ruden, CEO of Pronunciation Pro, is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist specializing in accent reduction. After completing her Masters degree in Communication Sciences, Annie began teaching non-native English speakers how to speak English clearly, and with a more fluent, natural American accent.

For several years, Annie taught professors, executives, and business professionals across many industries who easily paid $100+/hr for accent reduction training from a Speech Language Pathologist with Annie’s high level credentials. Seeing how effective her accent reduction techniques were, Annie decided to bring her accent reduction classes to a new market, opening up communication possibilities for people from every walk of life by offering affordable online accent reduction classes.VIEW PLANS & PRICING

Expert English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Trainers

Here at PronunciationPro.com we are committed to providing the highest level of training and expertise to our clients. Each of our trainers is nationally certified in Speech-Language Pathology by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Certification at this level requires at least a Master’s degree, and extensive continued education. Additionally, our trainers are COMPTON PESL certified in accent reduction techniques. Our trainers are fully qualified to provide the highest level of expertise for those who take our pronunciation classes and use our English pronunciation training materials and methods.

Effective Online Accent Reduction Trainers & Methods

Our English Pronunciation Trainers are experts in the field of accent reduction, combining proven techniques with the best of today’s technology. We continually strive to bring our clients the most effective accent reduction training and materials available. Our trainers possess a sound understanding of the technical skills required to guide you through our effective online English pronunciation course using quality video and audio recorders and state-of-the-art online video conferencing tools.


Here at Pronunciation Pro we are committed to the success of our clients. We guarantee you will make at least 50% improvement during this 12-module course or we will give you your money back! We have had tremendous success with our students and know you can experience the same level of success as you commit to following through with this proven accent reduction program.