How to Act Confident While You’re Refining Your Accent

The phrase, “fake it til you make it” sounds bad, but can be very helpful. Here’s how to act confident while you’re polishing your American accent.

If you are learning English as a second language, you know just how hard and frustrating the process can be. 

English spells certain words really oddly and has certain rules that some words don’t follow.

We can agree in saying that English is one confusing language!

While the language has it’s rough patches, mastering English isn’t impossible. With enough time, effort and eagerness to learn, anything is possible.

When you are polishing your American accent, your native accent will still be noticeable. Don’t let this frustrate you or get you down. Knowing how to act confident is key.

Here are 4 tips for how to act confident, even when your American accent isn’t perfected just yet.

Record Yourself

Not many of us like hearing our own voices. But, recording yourself and hearing how you speak is beneficial when trying to mask an accent. The more you listen to how you sound, the better off you will be. You will be able to:

  • pick up on trouble words
  • become more confident with your voice
  • pinpoint words that you need to practice

Read Out Loud

Being a good speaker of another language means you must be well spoken.

Knowing how to speak clearly and how to articulate words will make you a better speaker. Practice reading a book out loud in front of a mirror. Once you are confident in speaking to yourself, practice with friends and family. As you become more comfortable speaking, try reading more difficult text.

Study by Watching the News

Speaking is more than just saying the right words correctly.

It also involves knowing how to act confident and using proper mannerisms when speaking. News anchors are very articulate speakers, so study them! Take some time each day to watch the morning or evening news. Look at how they sit, gesture, and move when they speak. Once you’ve watched enough, practice!

Keep a Confident Posture

Proper posture not only impacts the alignment of your body, it also impacts how someone views you. If you want to give off a confident vibe, look confident! A confident posture means:

  • keeping your shoulders back
  • standing straight
  • keeping your head and eyes up

Proper posture shows others that you are poised. While your English may not be perfect, being confident is a good way to show that you are assured in yourself.

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Be Understood. Be Confident.

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