American English Tongue Twisters

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Tongue twisters are phrases and sentences that are specifically designed to be difficult to articulate. In this English pronunciation video I have a list of tongue twisters that you can practice your English pronunciation with! The tongue twisters are divided out into specific sounds and sound combinations. Practice the sounds that are the most difficult for you to say and pronounce.

Practicing tongue twisters is also great in learning how to pronounce vowels in English. Tongue twisters provide a lot of vowel contrasts, which is a great way to train your ear to hear the differences in the vowels and then be able to pronounce the vowels.

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As you go through the first tongue twister, make sure you practice the American English tapped /t/ sound. In this example, the tapped /t/ sound helps you move quickly one word to the next. That’s why native English speakers use the tapped /t/ sound—because it’s easier for their mouth to then flow through those sounds. Also pay attention to the English short vowel sounds and make sure the short vowels are sounding different from each other.

Depending on your English speaking level you may want to go through these tongue twisters very slowly at first.

The second tongue twister helps you learn how to pronounce the consonants /S/ and /SH/, which is really tricky for many of my students to pronounce and learn. Listen carefully to me and how I pronounce the sounds and then practice the tongue twister!

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