Develop Muscle Memory to Improve English Pronunciation

There are so many different ways to improve english pronunciation but muscle memory is just one!
There are so many different ways to improve english pronunciation but muscle memory is just one!

Learning English in the United States can be an exhilarating adventure. Beyond the basic language skills one acquires, mastering English can help remove cultural barriers.

But even for people who are comfortable with the language, mastering English pronunciation can prove to be a major challenge.

English doesn’t just have different sounds and accents. There are a number of regional dialects to master as well.

But with the right exercises, you can improve English pronunciation starting today. Like any other discipline, improving pronunciation requires the right exercises and lots of practice. Here’s the best way to get started.

Understand Muscle Memory

If you have ever learned a new sport or task then you already know something about muscle memory. The more you practice a certain task you develop muscle memory to help you repeat the motion next time.

That’s why professional dancers and athletes make some things look so easy. Years of practice gets them there.

The same is true with the unique sounds and mouth movements of English. The more you practice these the better off you will be.

Repeat After Me

The internet has some of the best new methods for improving muscle memory in speaking. You can head to YouTube or your favorite streaming app and find native speakers.

You can keep it contemporary by picking one of the best recent movies in the U.S.

It’s important to find something that is interesting. You will also want to make sure the speaker, or speakers, are considered fluent native speakers.

If not, you could be learning bad pronunciation.

Practice listening and repeating the sounds of the words to the videos you watch. Mimicking the sounds will help you learn the movements.


Videos and TV are only two ways to improve techniques. Music will also help you master sounds and pronunciation.

You can perform singing exercises anywhere as long as you aren’t afraid to sing. As with the video practice, make sure you are copying the sound and pronunciation.

Feel how your mouth and lips and tongue move to each sound.

Write and Recite

In every case, you may find that writing down the words you are hearing helps to make a connection to your muscle memory. You can then read them back from the page.


Performing these exercises on a regular basis, and combining them, will help your muscle memory develop.

Remember, developing muscle memory doesn’t happen overnight. You need to practice techniques over and over to get the results you want.

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