Does this sound familiar?

Are you feeling like your level of English is not improving as fast as it used to?

A common experience I hear from my students is that they feel like they worked really hard on their English and reach a certain level of proficiency and then the improvement either stopped or slowed down dramatically.

It becomes frustrating because they want to keep growing and improving but the methods they used before are not working as well for them anymore.

I call this the English Plateau.

One definition of “plateau” is:

A state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.

This plateau usually happens when you get to an 80-90% level in your spoken English (100% being native).

Once you hit the English Plateau you have to change the way you go about improving your spoken English.

The same method you used to get to the plateau is not the same method you need to get to the next level of mastery.

To get past the English Plateau you must learn a different method of hearing and speaking English as well as a different way to view yourself in relation to the way you speak English.

The end result is mastery in your spoken English and incredible confidence!

If this describes your experience then I encourage you to join me at Pronunciation Pro.

I’d love to show you how to get past the English Plateau so you can achieve 100%.


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