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About Pronunciation Pro (4)

Why should I choose Pronunciation Pro?

Our English Pronunciation Training Program offers so much more than what’s available on the market today. We offer a convenient and flexible online training program that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The lessons are thorough, organized, and easy to understand. Our highly skilled trainers offer personalized feedback that allows you to make the most progress possible. And most importantly, our program is extremely effective. Our clients love this program because they are able to learn through a proven, step-by-step method that gets them the results they are looking for!

Where is Pronunciation Pro located?

We originally started this company in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. After several years we relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and are now enjoying the sunny skies here. However, our trainers can be found remotely in locations all over the United States.

Is your course limited to people living and working in the United States?

Definitely not! Because we are an online program, we are available all over the world! Sign up and we’ll get you started!

What does “M.S. CCC-SLP” in your name stand for?

It stands for Masters of Science with a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology. The C’s are a national certification I hold from the National American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. It’s a lot of letters but it basically means I’m licensed and certified to provide the best training available.

Course Questions (9)

I’m interested but the class doesn’t fit into my budget, what are my options?

We have a couple of different options for you.

1. Ask your employer to pay. Many companies see the obvious value in paying for employees to take this program and have funds available for this kind of training. Smart companies know that employees who are effective communicators make the company more money!

2. We have payment plans for each of our packages. Start with your monthly membership fee and add personalized training for low monthly fees as well.

3. If in doubt, email me and ask about your options. If you have a desire to join the program and work hard, we’ll work something out for you.

What kind of materials do you use?

Our American English Program includes over 35 training videos (about 20 hours). Each lesson includes worksheets, mp3 recordings, and lesson summaries. All of the worksheets and summaries combine to form a 125 page student workbook. All of these materials are available on the Pronunciation Pro website to view and download.

What’s the time commitment each week?

You will be given about 1 hour per week of video lessons and assignments. However, the pace you move through the program is up to you. Your progress is based on how much time you put into it. I recommend finding a manageable but consistent schedule that works with your other responsibilities. Doing a little bit every day or every other day is much better than spending a whole day practicing once a month!

When do I do my Full Accent Assessment?

Once you have signed up and paid for one of our packages that includes a Full Accent Assessment, then you will get access to the assessment. Your trainer will analyze your evaluation and get a report back to you within 2-3 business days.

When will I meet with my trainer for our live trainings?

After you sign up for a package, your trainer will contact you to set up a time that fits both of your schedules.

What are the system requirements or computer requirements for this program?

A good internet connection is all you need to access the Pronunciation Pro Course. If you are in the Premier Package then we use Webex for the meetings. Test meetings are provided by Webex and can be found at the following link

How much computer knowledge do I need for this training?

Do you know how to use the internet? Can you plug in a microphone and webcam into your computer? Then you’re set! Even if you answered ‘no’ to those questions, don’t worry, we can walk you through it! Just email us at [email protected]

What video conferencing tool do you use?

LIVE trainings with your English Pronunciation trainer are done through Cisco Webex Meeting Center. This video conferencing tool offers audio, video, and the ability to share teaching materials on your computer desktop. We can share documents, PowerPoint’s, and videos LIVE. All of these components combined, result in an optimal learning environment for our clients.

What is video conferencing and how does it work?

Video conferencing is the ability for two or more people to meet face to face online through their computers. Each participant needs a web-cam either built in to their computer or mounted on or near it. When all parties are transmitting their video through a common online program (such as Webex), they are able to speak to each other in real time.

Pronunciation Questions (12)

I need to pass the TOEFL, will this course help?

Absolutely, we have several clients who have successfully passed the TOEFL speaking section after completing our course. If your goal is to pass the TOEFL then we offer a customized course specifically designed to help you get the best score possible. Click HERE to learn more about our TOEFL speaking prep course.

What are the advantages of taking an English Pronunciation course online versus in person?

There are two major advantages to an online course versus an in person training. First, it’s much more convenient. No travel time or cost, just sit at your home or office computer and get started. It doesn’t get any easier.

The second is it’s much more effective. I’ve found that when you work online you have more tools that aide in your progress. You can watch the videos over and over again plus you have access to recordings and audio files to review and practice.

Your instructor will also be in contact throughout the week as you send and receive audio and video recording, a convenient and effective way to enhance your learning experience!

How do I know if my employees need English Pronunciation training?

Is your company being limited in any way due to an employees accent or pronunciation? Are customers or clients experiencing any difficulty when communicating with your employee? If so, your company’s bottom line could be at risk as a result of something that can easily be addressed through our online course. Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll schedule a free consultation.

Why is it important to have an ASHA certified speech pathologist?

A certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is the highest level of training an English Pronunciation trainer can hold. In order to be ASHA certified, an instructor must hold an undergraduate and graduate degree in speech language pathology. They must also work under a supervisor for a period of time following their graduate training. Speech Pathologists are highly trained in phonetics and American English speech and language patterns. Our trainers are also trained to specifically reinforce the proven method of the Pronunciation Pro Program. These elements give our clients the best training available in the field of English Pronunciation and Fluency.

Can’t I learn to change my pronunciation and fluency through tapes and other materials?

It’s possible but the success rate is low. With our English Pronunciation Program you will experience significantly better results. What’s the difference? With Pronunciation Pro you will receive personalized instruction and feedback from certified English pronunciation specialists who are trained to listen and teach you how to alter your specific sound patterns. With other self-study materials you can only guess what sounds you have difficulty producing and then hope you are changing them correctly.

How hard is it to change my English Pronunciation?

It’s not too difficult; a steady consistent effort is all you need! Changing your accent is similar to learning any new skill such as playing the piano. At first it takes focused time and attention. The movements might feel a little awkward and it may be difficult for your fingers to move from one note to the next. However, with practice you are able to train your fingers to move in this new way. Eventually, your fingers learns the correct movements and move effortlessly. Learning English pronunciation and fluency is the same. At first the movement of your lips and tongue may feel awkward and difficult to coordinate. Before too long, your mouth muscles adjust to the new movements and it becomes automatic.

What can I gain from improving my English Pronunciation and fluency?

More confidence, get that new job you want, get that promotion you deserve, better customer service and sales, improved perception, improved teamwork and collaboration, and greater productivity at work. Those are just a few and I’m sure our clients could add many more advantages to this list!

How do I know if I need English Pronunciation training?

Are you frequently asked to repeat yourself? Are you fluent in English but are still being misunderstood? Do you feel undervalued in your career because of your accent? Are you missing opportunities for jobs or advancements due to your accent? Do your listeners look confused when you speak? Are you self conscious speaking in front of groups? Do you have difficulty communicating over the phone? Have you tried pre-packaged training programs that have not worked?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then personalized English Pronunciation training is right for you!

I don’t want to lose my foreign accent entirely. Will I lose my foreign accent if I work on my American accent?

Not if you don’t want to. Learning an American accent is like adding another tool to your tool belt. Our clients gain the ability to transition between their foreign accent and American accent depending on the situation. We call this skill “code switching” and almost everyone does it in one form or another. It’s one’s ability to alter their manner of speech depending on the situation and setting. For example, would you use the same manner of speech during a presentation at work versus a casual conversation with your best friend? Same thing applies to your new skill of speaking with an American accent.

Why do I speak with an accent?

Each language has its own unique sounds and rhythm. An accent is simply the carryover of the sounds and rhythm of your first language to your second language. When you speak English using the sounds and rhythm of your first language, then you will sound “accented”.

Why should I change my foreign accent?

There’s nothing wrong with a foreign accent unless it is limiting you in some way. The goal is not to get rid of your accent but to help you be understood by others. Our clients are highly motivated, intelligent, and capable individuals with a barrier in communication. Remove that barrier and it’s amazing to see what they can accomplish.

Will I speak perfect American English when I’m done with the 12 week program?

My promise to you is that in 12 weeks you will learn all of the rules and skills necessary to speak clear, understandable English. As you know, it’s one thing to understand a concept and another thing to implement that concept all of the time. Your level of progress depends on the time you spend practicing the skills I teach.

At the end of your 12 week program, if you practice regularly, you will significantly improve your English Pronunciation and Fluency. I usually see my students make between 50-85% improvement in only 12-weeks, that’s incredible progress! More importantly, you will understand the skills needed for clear pronunciation and you will know how to continue to practice and refine your skills.

Learning and growth in your spoken English doesn’t end with the 12-week program. That’s why we make the site available to you beyond the 12-week program for a low yearly membership fee. This includes continued education and support within the Pronunciation Pro website such as bonus lessons, webinars, and a forum. With the foundation you build during your 12-week program, you will be able to continue to improve and refine your pronunciation and fluency as needed for months and years to come.

Using The Website (3)

What equipment do I need for the live online trainings?

You’ll need a computer :), an internet connection, a headset microphone, and if you are signed up for LIVE online trainings you’ll need a webcam.

Why Can I not see the videos?

Be sure you have installed the latest version of Flash Player.

Why can’t I log in using Internet Explorer?

Most likely cookies from are being blocked by IE. We recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browsers when viewing