Get in the Driver Seat of Your Life

Language holds great power.

The words you choose to think, write, and speak to yourself and others truly matters.

Let me show you a powerful contrast that will demonstrate what I mean.

These sentences below are examples of reactive vs proactive language.

Read the sentences on the left out loud and notice how they feel.

Then read the sentences on the right out loud and notice how they feel.


When you’re using reactive language it’s as if you are sitting in the back seat of a car letting life choose for you where you will go.

When you’re using proactive language it’s as if you are sitting in the drivers seat taking control of your destination.

When it comes to improving your spoken English there’s more to it than just learning the sounds and rhythms of American English.

You must also learn the ProMindset that is essential to speaking clear and confident English.

Last week I hosted our monthly Confident ProMindset Training. It was so powerful for those who attended, I wanted to make sure you saw it as well. Click the button below to watch. I promise it will be well worth your time.

Feeling confident in your spoken English is closer than you think.


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Be Understood. Be Confident.