At Least 50% Improvement Guarantee

Here at Pronunciation Pro we are confident that our accent reduction course will lead to incredible improvements in your American English pronunciation and fluency. Follow through with the full 12 module prescribed video program and practice assignments and we GUARANTEE at least 50% improvement in your English pronunciation, or your money back!*

*In order to qualify for the 50% improvement guarantee, (i) students must begin the program at an intermediate to advanced English language level, and (ii) students must watch all videos, complete all 12 assignments, and practice independently with the given materials for at least 20 minutes daily for the 12 module duration of the course.

*Percentage of improvement is calculated by comparing the number of pronunciation errors recorded during your initial assessment and final evaluation. In order to qualify for the 50% improvement guarantee, an initial and final evaluation must be completed. Initial & final evaluations are included in the Premier package. The initial assessment is included in the Plus package however; a final evaluation must be purchased separately in order to calculate percentage of improvement. Initial & final evaluations are not included in the Basic package and must be purchased separately to qualify for the guarantee.

*Initial & final evaluations are primarily a reading exercise with a short conversational speech sample. Percentage of improvement is typically lower in conversational speech than in a reading exercise. In order to fully incorporate your improved pronunciation skills into spontaneous conversational speech, a student must continue to practice the learned skills beyond the 12-module program.