American Conversational Partner

American Conversational Partner

In order to master your English, sometimes all you need is practice!

I hear it all the time from my students, they just wish they had a native English speaker to practice with who could give valuable feedback on grammar and vocabulary, American culture, and common sayings. The American Conversational Partner Package is a way to meet your needs!

Here’s what you get with the American Conversational Partner Package:

6 – 10 1-hour session to practice your conversational English
— Work with a *native English speaker to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, discuss American culture, and common sayings.
— Become comfortable and confident speaking with native English speakers.
— Ask questions you’re too afraid to ask your friends or colleagues about English or American culture.

*Your American Partner is a native English speaker with a college degree or is currently working on their degree. They might not have specific training in English language learning or English pronunciation but have been trained to help you practice and provide feedback on your spoken English.

Choose a package of 6 or 10 sessions to work on your English with a native speaker.

6 1-hour sessions for $120
10 1-hour sessions for $180

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