Proven Method, Guaranteed Results

With all of the information on the internet and people claiming to know how to do accent reduction training (because they happen to speak English themselves), it can be confusing to know who you can trust to get you the results you need. With a background in Speech Language Pathology I understand the process of modifying an accent based on proven scientific research. This is how I was trained and what I’ve found to be the most effective approach. I have used this scientific foundation to shape the way I view and teach English pronunciation and fluency. I also have been working directly with hundreds of students over the years and have been able to identify the strategies that work and will deliver long term results.

The main purpose of accent reduction training is to be confident while speaking English and be understood easily by native speakers. This is achieved through a proven approach involving auditory awareness and specific speech exercises.

Our past students have found greater confidence in their spoken English after going through this program and I know you can get the same results if you are committed to following my instruction.

My favorite moments are when I hear from my students and they tell me that they were able to finally get a better job, a promotion within their company, pass their English proficiency test, or they finally felt confident enough to go for their dream job because of what they learned here at Pronunciation Pro. This is what this program is all about. You have dreams and ambitions in your life and if your accent is getting in the way of that, there is a solution and you have found it here with us at Pronunciation Pro.