Quality Trainers, Quality Instruction

Pronunciation Pro is dedicated to providing the highest quality accent reduction services possible to our clients. A program is only as good as its instructors and our instructors are the best!

Each instructor, or trainer as we call them, is a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist with additional certification through the Compton PESL program. In addition, our trainers receive regular trainings from a variety of sources to ensure educated and dynamic instruction.

Meet Our Trainers! 

Annie Ruden M.S. CCC-SLP

Annie is the founder of Pronunciation Pro and second to her growing family, she loves nothing more than helping non-native English speakers feel confident in their ability to speak English clearly and fluently. Her passion for accent reduction training started soon after she finished her Masters program in Communication Sciences at the University of Utah. Her love for people and cultures from around the world drove her to work tirelessly on this program that delivers high quality English pronunciation training in a format that can be accessed by anyone around the world at an affordable price.

This online format also allows Annie to work from home so she can be an involved mother to her 3 amazing little boys, Andrew, Jimmy, and Luke. Annie loves playing sports (especially basketball), dancing, and going camping with her husband and children. The moments that bring Annie the most joy in her work is when she gets an email from a Pronunciation Pro student announcing a new job or a job promotion they got as a result of their hard work through this program. She says, “It’s the best, I can’t stop smiling for days. If I can help just one person improve their life, it’ll all be worth it”.

Andrea Lobb M.S. CCC-SLP