Amy Wang China

Amy Wang China

Although there are a lot of different English Pronunciation programs and instructors, I should say my English Pronunciation coach Annie was the most professional one because of her years of experience and special expertise in linguistics. She has a very in-depth knowledge not only of how to train correct pronunciation but she also knew why I pronounced things wrong. This helps a lot since it’s only when you know why you have that problem that you can find the right cure to fix it. I am sure an English coach at this level is very hard to find. Also Annie really cares about the progress of the student’s improvements. She truly respects the students even though sometimes they make some really funny voices for a native speaker’s ear.

Vanda Martin — Brazil

I want to say Thank you for your help, your patience, your time and most of all, your great instructions and coaching!

You did a fantastic job!

I do feel more confident and I am definitely more comfortable presenting and speaking in English now.

Thanks a lot!

Shengqiang Zhong — China

You are a wonderful teacher! I have never felt so confident in spoken English. Thank you so much! When I talked to my manager about the training, I told him my great experience. I also told him that I highly recommend the training to my colleagues.

It was a pleasure working with you!

Su Jin Lee — Korea

I loved to work with my accent coach at My trainers help and advice contributed to decreasing my accent throughout the sessions. The online conferencing worked well even though we have a long distance. My instructor was so organized and excellent at providing me with helpful materials and resources. One of my favorite parts was to review every word that I had a problem with. Listening to my trainer’s model in sentences was very helpful in finding my errors. Also, I liked the practice in reading passages by focusing on natural intonation and accent because the practice was helpful in decreasing my accent in spontaneous speech. I think it is important to work on error sounds in a conversation level for ultimate natural carry-over. My trainer’s analysis and feedback was very useful throughout the sessions.

Vicky Rosler-Follstad

Hi, my name is Vicky Follstad I became a member of Pronunciation Pro the first week of August 2014. Before joining the program, my goal was to speak English clearly and with confidence. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with the different packages offered on Pronunciation Pro so I selected the Basic Package. 10 weeks later, mission accomplished! Thanks Annie Ruden for taking the time to give me and honest and helpful critique of my talk. Mrs. Ruden is always available, professional, approachable, and masterful. She is an amazing speaking coach. Working with Mrs. Ruden was a fantastic experience. She immediately picked up on and helped me correct the habits that were impacting my communication with others. Wither her help I can now speak clearly and confidently. My communication skills have improved significantly since I joined the program. In my opinion, this program is worth every penny. No matter what level you are, you will get something out of it. The key is practice, practice and practice, and you will succeed.

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Ankur Guha Roy

Public speaking was never my strong suit. Therefore, my teaching assistant job and the need of presenting regularly in the meetings were constant sources of trouble for me. Fortunately I came across the Pronunciation Pro program. I liked the sample lectures and decided to join the 12 week program with personalized feedback. Annie is a great teacher with years of experience in linguistics. She has a surgical precision in finding the speech issues, the common mistakes made during pronunciation, and the areas to work on. She also guided me through the process of making good presentation slides and taught me the importance of the introduction in a presentation. Of course improving the way to communicate requires time, patience and a lot of practice. However, I have observed good progress with her guidance. I strongly recommend this program to everybody interested in elocution and generally trying to improve their speaking skills.

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Patrick Deng

I’ve learned a lot from this pronunciation and fluency course. My biggest takeaway is now I know which part of my pronunciation is more problematic so I can focus on correcting it. Having spent time listening to the instructor’s pronunciation, and then comparing it to my own recordings, reviews the problems that I would otherwise overlook. Also, the program would constantly remind me to slow down when speaking—and that is really the single most effective technique for many nonnative English speakers to improve their oral communication. To me, the most difficult part is there are several pronunciations where I would constantly have some issues. I’ve made a lot of progress over the last 12 weeks and improvements are very noticeable when I compare my latest recordings with my earlier ones. I also have to keep practicing. I think the convenient access to the website for another year is a great feature of the program. Overall it’s a great program and I’ve learned a lot that will benefit my communication at work. I really appreciate your efforts in putting together this program. Thank you.

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Keval Shah

I’m really glad that I have gone through this fantastic pronunciation program! This is my first to such a lengthy online course. Initially I thought that it would not be that effective, but I was wrong. The course is really very effective; there are plenty of assignments for each topic, and you get very prompt feedback from the trainer. The course is quite personalized and very well structured. It begins with analyzing an individual’s pronunciation fluency and includes the specific topics as to what individuals need. The course starts with specific sounds based on individual analysis and continues to more advanced topics like intonation, word and sentence stress. The most difficult part of the program was to follow the English rhythm. It requires more and more practice, compared to other topics. By the end of the course I not only felt more confident about speaking but it also helped with listening and understanding native English speakers—since now you have a better understanding of American pronunciation. The course enables individuals to pronounce correctly and fluently. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their pronunciation. Thank you.

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Bernine Bastien

At the beginning, my husband came to me and was very excited telling me that he found a course on the internet. I had a lot of apprehension. It took me a week of seeing him with your homework and doing his practice to register at Pronunciation Pro. Week after week I’ve learned to appreciate the value of Pronunciation Pro, the quality of tools available on the site. Now, at the end of the 12 weeks, I’m very satisfied with my readings and conversation. I speak with other natives that tell me that I’ve been improving. The first week was very hard for me because there’s a lot of materials covered and I had to practice a lot to stay on track. This course really helped me with my pronunciation and over the weeks I’ve seen less corrections in my homework. Sometimes I didn’t want to open my feedback—being afraid of not doing better than the last week—but I love the way you corrected my errors. It helped me improve not only my English, but my grammar, and not putting pressure on me. You’re not only correcting my pronunciation, as I’ve said before, but also my grammar. I’ve seen myself improving. All the people seeing that ask me, “What are you doing for your English? We want to have this course also”. I have to practice my rhythm more and my sentence stress because sometimes I really don’t know where to stress a word… I’ve already recommended the site to a lot of my colleagues. I don’t know if they’re doing it already but I know they are very interested seeing how I am improving my pronunciation. I want to thank you for all this improvement because I didn’t believe in any other course I’ve seen on the internet. I said, ‘okay’, as my husband told me, ‘I’m going to take a chance to see if they are really going to improve something, in what I’m saying, in what I’m doing’. I can say I’m very satisfied with this course. I am more confident talking with natives now because I know that even if I said a word [wrong] before, I know I can correct myself now. This is a good thing for me because sometimes I didn’t know how to pronounce a word but now I can say it and I can correct myself. It’s a good thing for me. Thank you Annie! Thank you to Pronunciation Pro! Thank you for improving my English. Thank you for improving my confidence in me. Thank you for improving everything I’m doing in English now.

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Aditi Basak

This program has helped me in different areas of my communication skills. As you know, sometime a couple of months ago, I took a new role of being the training coordinator out here where I need to talk to different people, both inside and outside the company. So the best time to practice was when I talked to these people. I just incorporated everything that I learned in the training videos into my everyday conversations and I realized I was getting better with this practice. At the beginning it was kind of funny to me to move my mouth so much—it actually kind of felt really weird—but after a little practice it happened naturally and now it doesn’t feel weird at all. This program has helped me practice on a weekly basis and helped my confidence in return. I do several training sessions with my colleagues and new employees and by practicing these skills it made me more comfortable in my role. Overall, this program has helped me in being better understood by native speakers and communicate better with them. I would like to thank Annie. Thank you so much for all your support throughout this program and I wish you the best of luck! I hope to stay in touch even after the program is completed.

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Kumar Raut

I had a great experience with this course. I’m always trying to improve my English pronunciation skills. Now, after I took this course I realized that whatever I was doing before to improve my pronunciation skills was just like walking in the dark, just like walking in the dark without a definite path. This course opened my eyes and gave me a clear direction on how I can improve my pronunciation and communication skills. I was really impressed with the first introductory chapter. We started out simple but took progressive steps. To improve anyone’s pronunciation skills, I will never forget the 3 basic steps: speak up, move your mouth, and slow down while communicating with other people. These 3 steps are like a mantra, or an engineering formula for me. I understood the importance of rhythm, intonation, and word stress in the English language. I also learned a lot of pronunciation rules. Overall, this course showed me a path. I still have a long way to go and it will completely depend on my practice where I want to put myself. Lastly, I‘m really fortunate and thankful to my instructor, Annie Ruden. I was never bored in this class. Every weekly meeting was fun. Thank you.

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Hi my name is Olugbenga. I just completed the 12 weeks Pronunciation Pro program. I’m really excited. My situation before I started this program and after the program has actually changed. Let me start by saying that the program has really exposed me to what I need to know to speak fluently and evaluate myself. Even though it might not be easy for me to put on the new rhythm of English, I know that by practice and review I will continue to improve. First of all, the area where I have the most difficulty when it comes to this program are the sounds and rhythm. Most of the sounds I didn’t know how to make before; the TH, and the H sound are still weird but I know that I’m improving. When it comes to what was easy for me to do is the reviewing, watching the videos, and practicing. Even though I know that I need to really really speak the language the way it’s supposed to be spoken I know reviewing and practicing will help me in this circumstance. When it comes to the expectation of the program, like I mentioned earlier, the program is excellent—well packaged. All that the students need to know are in the package. The professor is also supportive to students with frequent webinars and some other free lessons. This program has really helped me become self-conscious when I’m making the sounds of English and when I’m speaking. I’m now confident speaking to native speakers, which was one of my problems before I started this program. What I need to do, I know now, is to keep on practicing. When it comes to areas of improvement, I know that improvement takes a very long time (listening, imitating native speakers, memorizing and repeating, reading aloud everything, analyzing the grammar of the language). Continuing to make progress is like someone who finds himself in the jungle. The more often the path is used, the easier the journey becomes. If the path is unused for a very long time, the jungle will soon become encroaching. The same thing with language. Knowing this fact, I know that I will need to continue improving. Finally, I really have intentions of taking advantage of one-to-one tutoring to continue making progress. Thank you very much.

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