Aditi Basak

India Flag

This program has helped me in different areas of my communication skills. As you know, sometime a couple of months ago, I took a new role of being the training coordinator out here where I need to talk to different people, both inside and outside the company. So the best time to practice was when I talked to these people. I just incorporated everything that I learned in the training videos into my everyday conversations and I realized I was getting better with this practice. At the beginning it was kind of funny to me to move my mouth so much—it actually kind of felt really weird—but after a little practice it happened naturally and now it doesn’t feel weird at all. This program has helped me practice on a weekly basis and helped my confidence in return. I do several training sessions with my colleagues and new employees and by practicing these skills it made me more comfortable in my role. Overall, this program has helped me in being better understood by native speakers and communicate better with them. I would like to thank Annie. Thank you so much for all your support throughout this program and I wish you the best of luck! I hope to stay in touch even after the program is completed.

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