Anna Shcheglyuk

Well to be honest with you I was very hesitant to start this program because it’s a bit expensive, especially for me as a student. I wasn’t sure if it was going to help me or not. Before I decided to do that I actually bought a CD with another program. Basically what I was doing, I was listening to the speeches or listening to the particular pronunciation of certain words or sounds. I was repeating and repeating, and that didn’t help me. I spent about a year doing that and it didn’t help me at all. So I was very hesitant starting this program but I’m so grateful and I’m so happy that I did that. Because I believe my pronunciation improved and I became more confident in myself and my speech, I know it shows. I can really see how I improved throughout the entire 12 weeks. I really like that the program was built this way where you can do a week studying the material; repeating after the video sample that they give on each week assignment, and then sending your voice recording where your trainer can then hear your speaking and correct your mistakes. I think that is the most important part—when somebody hears you and they can tell you what you are doing wrong—cause otherwise you will never hear your own mistakes. That is what I really liked about it. I like how my speech sounds improved and I really like how some people in the past would ask me, “what did you say?”, “say it again…” throughout the conversation, and say it 2-3 times or sometimes even more, and now it pretty much doesn’t happen anymore. I love it! Obviously the program met my expectations and exceeded it because I did not expect these results. I think a great part of this program is that you get to hear somebody speaking the right way, you get to try it, and then you get the feedback. For me it was very important to know the rules too because throughout my entire life I’ve been studying English for like, let’s see, like 10 years, probably, and I did not know the rules—I did not know how to pronounce certain words like the special pronunciation for “school”. So some words were harder for me than others. Teaching things like putting your tongue between your teeth, I thought that was great; it’s great to know that this is how you actually make that sound. I honestly don’t think there is anything that needs to be improved. I think the program is great. I think it’s really really helpful. I will recommend it to all my friends. I know that if a person is struggling I will definitely advise them to use this program. Anyway, I’m really glad that I paid this money, I think it was well worth the spend. Thank you very much!

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