Bernine Bastien


At the beginning, my husband came to me and was very excited telling me that he found a course on the internet. I had a lot of apprehension. It took me a week of seeing him with your homework and doing his practice to register at Pronunciation Pro. Week after week I’ve learned to appreciate the value of Pronunciation Pro, the quality of tools available on the site. Now, at the end of the 12 weeks, I’m very satisfied with my readings and conversation. I speak with other natives that tell me that I’ve been improving. The first week was very hard for me because there’s a lot of materials covered and I had to practice a lot to stay on track. This course really helped me with my pronunciation and over the weeks I’ve seen less corrections in my homework. Sometimes I didn’t want to open my feedback—being afraid of not doing better than the last week—but I love the way you corrected my errors. It helped me improve not only my English, but my grammar, and not putting pressure on me. You’re not only correcting my pronunciation, as I’ve said before, but also my grammar. I’ve seen myself improving. All the people seeing that ask me, “What are you doing for your English? We want to have this course also”. I have to practice my rhythm more and my sentence stress because sometimes I really don’t know where to stress a word… I’ve already recommended the site to a lot of my colleagues. I don’t know if they’re doing it already but I know they are very interested seeing how I am improving my pronunciation. I want to thank you for all this improvement because I didn’t believe in any other course I’ve seen on the internet. I said, ‘okay’, as my husband told me, ‘I’m going to take a chance to see if they are really going to improve something, in what I’m saying, in what I’m doing’. I can say I’m very satisfied with this course. I am more confident talking with natives now because I know that even if I said a word [wrong] before, I know I can correct myself now. This is a good thing for me because sometimes I didn’t know how to pronounce a word but now I can say it and I can correct myself. It’s a good thing for me. Thank you Annie! Thank you to Pronunciation Pro! Thank you for improving my English. Thank you for improving my confidence in me. Thank you for improving everything I’m doing in English now.

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