Keval Shah

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I’m really glad that I have gone through this fantastic pronunciation program! This is my first to such a lengthy online course. Initially I thought that it would not be that effective, but I was wrong. The course is really very effective; there are plenty of assignments for each topic, and you get very prompt feedback from the trainer. The course is quite personalized and very well structured. It begins with analyzing an individual’s pronunciation fluency and includes the specific topics as to what individuals need. The course starts with specific sounds based on individual analysis and continues to more advanced topics like intonation, word and sentence stress. The most difficult part of the program was to follow the English rhythm. It requires more and more practice, compared to other topics. By the end of the course I not only felt more confident about speaking but it also helped with listening and understanding native English speakers—since now you have a better understanding of American pronunciation. The course enables individuals to pronounce correctly and fluently. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their pronunciation. Thank you.

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