Kumar Raut


I had a great experience with this course. I’m always trying to improve my English pronunciation skills. Now, after I took this course I realized that whatever I was doing before to improve my pronunciation skills was just like walking in the dark, just like walking in the dark without a definite path. This course opened my eyes and gave me a clear direction on how I can improve my pronunciation and communication skills. I was really impressed with the first introductory chapter. We started out simple but took progressive steps. To improve anyone’s pronunciation skills, I will never forget the 3 basic steps: speak up, move your mouth, and slow down while communicating with other people. These 3 steps are like a mantra, or an engineering formula for me. I understood the importance of rhythm, intonation, and word stress in the English language. I also learned a lot of pronunciation rules. Overall, this course showed me a path. I still have a long way to go and it will completely depend on my practice where I want to put myself. Lastly, I‘m really fortunate and thankful to my instructor, Annie Ruden. I was never bored in this class. Every weekly meeting was fun. Thank you.

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