Hi my name is Olugbenga. I just completed the 12 weeks Pronunciation Pro program. I’m really excited. My situation before I started this program and after the program has actually changed. Let me start by saying that the program has really exposed me to what I need to know to speak fluently and evaluate myself. Even though it might not be easy for me to put on the new rhythm of English, I know that by practice and review I will continue to improve. First of all, the area where I have the most difficulty when it comes to this program are the sounds and rhythm. Most of the sounds I didn’t know how to make before; the TH, and the H sound are still weird but I know that I’m improving. When it comes to what was easy for me to do is the reviewing, watching the videos, and practicing. Even though I know that I need to really really speak the language the way it’s supposed to be spoken I know reviewing and practicing will help me in this circumstance. When it comes to the expectation of the program, like I mentioned earlier, the program is excellent—well packaged. All that the students need to know are in the package. The professor is also supportive to students with frequent webinars and some other free lessons. This program has really helped me become self-conscious when I’m making the sounds of English and when I’m speaking. I’m now confident speaking to native speakers, which was one of my problems before I started this program. What I need to do, I know now, is to keep on practicing. When it comes to areas of improvement, I know that improvement takes a very long time (listening, imitating native speakers, memorizing and repeating, reading aloud everything, analyzing the grammar of the language). Continuing to make progress is like someone who finds himself in the jungle. The more often the path is used, the easier the journey becomes. If the path is unused for a very long time, the jungle will soon become encroaching. The same thing with language. Knowing this fact, I know that I will need to continue improving. Finally, I really have intentions of taking advantage of one-to-one tutoring to continue making progress. Thank you very much.

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