Yian Liu


Hi Annie! Thank you so much for this great program. Wow! It’s already week 12, time flies! I can still remember the first day when I started this program. I just want to say I really enjoyed this program, it really helped me a lot. The things I like about this program: first, I like the part where you teach us how to pronounce the sounds, such as the L, dark L ,and R, etc. These are the sounds that I feel are very difficult. It is really great to know how to pronounce them correctly and how to move the mouth and the tongue to make the correct sound. When I know how to pronounce them correctly I tend to use them more in daily conversation, and the more I talked the more progress I made. I think it really helped me in this way. The second thing I liked about this is the part about intonation and rhythm—by imitating those speeches I really feel like I can talk more like native English speakers. This program really helped me and I am definitely more confident now than 12 weeks ago. Overall this is a very great program. I really enjoyed it. I will keep reading all these extra materials and the bonus videos online. If I have any further questions about pronunciation or rhythm then I will send you an email and ask for your help. Thank you so much for this online program. Keep in touch! Thank you.

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