Yolanda Pando

Well Annie, we are at the end of this incredible program, and I want to tell you that for me it was an incredible tool to improve my English. I can hear myself continue to have occasional problems with pronunciation, especially with vowels, but I feel much more confident. Going through this program helps me understand the movements of my mouth and to integrate them into my daily conversations. I can see that the most important change in my English speaking is my rhythm and intonation. It was incredible. I can now follow my own speaking with a fluent and almost perfect stress in words and sentences. I can understand with not only my mind—I can understand it with my heart. When you understand the changes in your intonation and the different patterns of stress with your heart, it shows that you integrated it in your daily speaking. I know that I must continue working with my vowels and with initial /S/ sounds because I’m Spanish. Sometimes I forget. I want to say thank you to you. Thank you for all your help, thank you for your feedback, thank you for connecting me with Jamie and to continue my journey in perfecting my English. We definitely will continue keeping in touch. Once I finish my TOEFL exam I will start working with the program again because I want to perfect my English as much as I can. I know that being a professional here in the U.S. and having a good level of English will make a huge difference in my professional career. Again, I want to thank you for all your help and we will continue being in touch.

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